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Snow Bros is similar to bubble game, which is released in 1986. Nick and Tom are two players on the game, it means two can play the game at a time. Any player can throw the snow to the enemies. The task is to throw the snow until the enemy is fully covered with snow. The player can roll it once enemy turned into a snowball. The snowball will be struck to the walls again and again until it destroys completely.

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When a snowball touches to the other snowballs, they will start moving and destroyed. If snow bros players or player could manage to destroy all snowballs at once, then players will get high bonus points in the form of money bills (10,000 points each), which will fall from the sky. You have to cash them quickly as possible to get the bonus, as it appears in short part of time.

There is a boss in every 10th level. And you have to hit them and win against them to get to the next level. After 50th level, you can have a chance to castle the princess from the main enemy.

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